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Innocence in Danger UK Mission

Innocence in Danger in the UK commits itself to helping children, both boys and girls, who have been victims of pedophilia.

In 2019, we will organise our first UK Summer Camp for victims of sexual abuse that occured in the UK. A group of children with a guardian or parent will begin the process of overcoming the trauma they have suffered. They take the first steps towards rebuilding their future.

Innocence in Danger Wins Award for Protecting Children from Sexual Violence

(Zaragoza, 26 June) – Recognising the impact of Susana Lopez Roque of Innocence in Danger Colombia in protecting children from sexual violence, on 22 June the 5th International Mindfulness Congress presented her with an award.

This recognition was announced at the annual event at the World Trade Centre in Zargoza, Spain. The 5000 Euro award will greatly enhance efforts to protect children in Colombia from sexual violence. Ms Lopez Roque is an advocate of mindfulness as part of Innocence in Danger recovery efforts for children who have suffered sexual abuse.

The Colombia branch of Innocence in Danger was established with the help of Ms Lopez Roque. “This international recognition for her selfless efforts will no doubt place a spotlight on the urgency of our collective responsibility for the next generation,” said Homayra Sellier, the founder of Innocence in Danger International, “protecting children is integral to our survival as a human race.”

Ms Lopez Claros brings Innocence in Danger efforts in Colombia to street children who have no other form of protection against predators. Innocence in Danger International congratulates Ms Lopez Claros for her great achievement.

Innocence in Danger UK Events

To help inaugurate its UK education and rehabilitation programs, IID was the beneficiary of a celebrity charity auction in May 2018. Supported by Sotheby’s, Saatchi Gallery, Mouna Rebiez, Diane Von Furstenberg, Jo Malone, Ellie Saab, Hello Kitty, Lulu Guinness, and Swarovski among other outstanding artists and designers the auction featured actors Christian Vit (Game of Thrones) and Gabriel Constantin (Entebe) to place a spotlight on this global epidemic.

We are pleased to announce that Innocence In Danger has joined forces with the Bag2School fundraising scheme to increase funds for our mission. Bag2School helps promote the Reuse of clothes & shoes to benefit those who rely on 2nd hand clothes as their sole option for good quality items. Please visit Bag 2 School for more information on how to get involved.

In 2019 IID will host its first international conference to highlight its ground-breaking brain research in helping child victims of sexual violence, in London, UK. To learn more and to get involved with IID UK email us at:

Innocence in Danger Facts

There were 75 child homicides and 47000 sexual offences against children in the UK (2014/15)

There were 187 suicides of 15 to 19 years olds in the UK (2014)

5,7% of 10 to 15 years olds in England and Wales were the victim of a violent crime (2014/15)

The National Crime Agency estimates that there were 732 children trafficked (2014)

Estimates say that over half a million children are abused in the UK each years

1 in 5 children have experienced severe maltreatment or domestic abuse

50,000 people in the UK downloaded or shared online images of child abuse (2012)


Up to 85% of child abuse in England remains undetected and the children are not receiving help or treatment


66% of child sexual abuse takes place within the family or its trusted circle

Only 1 in 8 victims of sexual abuse come to the attention of the authorities or protection services

In 2014 the Prime Minister announced that child sexual abuse had been prioritised as a ‘national’ threat’


Innocence in Danger Contacts

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Innocence in Danger (IID) is a worldwide movement for protection of children against all forms of sexual abuse. Founded in 1999, following UNESCO’s conference on “Child pornography and paedophilia on the Internet, a global challenge,” IID works with like-minded organisations to protect children in more than eight countries worldwide.

In 2019 IID will host its first international conference to highlight its ground-breaking brain research in helping child victims of sexual violence, in London, UK. To join this pioneering effort email us at: